Watch a new film, MADE OF AIR a collaboration with Grouper (Liz Harris) for the release of the new album Ruins.

View other recent films: Lawrence English's THE LIQUID CASKET/WILDERNESS OF MIRRORS, Arp's PULSARS E QUASARS and Austin Cesear's LA PALOMA

December 12 Screening of SPHINX ON THE SEINE, CHORUS, UNION, ANOTHER VOID and LIGHT YEAR on 16mm at Tenant416 in Bushwick, Brooklyn

December 13 LIGHT YEAR screens as part of the AAFF 16mm Tour Program at Sight Unsee in Baltimore, MA

December 13 HYPNOSIS DISPLAY with Grouper at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, NY. Watch the trailer for HYPNOSIS DISPLAY

December 15 LIGHT YEAR screens as part of the AAFF 16mm Tour Program at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, MI.

December 18 MOMENTS OF BEING: an evening of sound/film performances with Ensemble Economique, Maria Horn, Kali Malone, Sky Madden (Tri Works) and John Davis, and Artist's Television Access in San Francisco, CA.

16mm prints of SPHINX ON THE SEINE(2009), UNION (2010) and CHORUS (2009-2011) and ANOTHER VOID (2012) are available for rental from Canyon Cinema in San Francisco and Light Cone in Paris.

LAND AND SEA has released REEL, a collection of drawings for film projectionists, surveying over a decade of film screenings at the San Francisco Musem of Modern Art.The book can be ordered here

Judy Bloch has written an article about the REEL book for SFMOMA's OPEN SPACE blog

WITHIN MIRRORS- the Students of Decay DVD release by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Paul Clipson is available at Mimaroglu Music.

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