May 20 FEELER screens in Program 3: a great unknown called trust as part of SF Cinematheque's CROSSROADS Festival at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

May 20 SPECTRUM STATES: double 16mm anamorphic film with sound performance by Joshua Churchill and John Davis as part of the Apparent Motion Live Cinema program in the CROSSROADS Festival at SFMOMA in San Francisco, CA.

June 10 EMPATHETIC WAVES: sound/film performance with Gabriel Dunne and screening/perfomances by Stephanie Sherriff with Jeffrey Alexander and Faith Arazi and Tooth at Artists' Television Access in San Francisco, CA.

June 17 Sound/film performance with Chuck Johnson at LAND AND SEA in Oakland, CA.

July 6 Toxic City Music: sound/film performance with Evan Caminiti at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, New York

August 7 Sound/film performance with Amma Arteria and Kevin Corcoran as part of LAND AND SEA's Full:Spaces program at the Berkeley Art Museum

Watch the new 16mm films TOTAL FICTION(2017) for Jeremy Young and Shinya Sugimoto, SPECTRAL ASCENSION(2017) for Byron Westbrook and CRUEL OPTIMISM(2017) for Lawrence English

16mm prints of LIGHT YEAR (2014) a collaboration with Tashi Wada and commission for the San Francisco Exploratorium are now available along with SPHINX ON THE SEINE(2009), UNION (2010) and CHORUS (2009-2011) and ANOTHER VOID (2012) from Canyon Cinema in San Francisco and Light Cone in Paris.

LAND AND SEA has released REEL, a collection of drawings for film projectionists, surveying over a decade of film screenings at the San Francisco Musem of Modern Art.The book can be ordered here

Judy Bloch has written an article about the REEL book for SFMOMA's OPEN SPACE blog

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