July 31 Spund/16mm performance HYPNOSIS DISPLAY with Grouper prsented by Carriageworks Open Frame from Room40 in Sidney, Australia

August 2 HYPNOSIS DISPLAY with Grouper performed at the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia

August 5 LIGHT YEAR screens in observational cinema program at the New Nothing in San Francisco

August 7 16mm film retrospective (including ANOTHER VOID and MADE OF AIR) at the Artist Film Workshop in Melbourne, Australia

August 8 HYPNOSIS DISPLAY with Grouper at Supersense in Melbourne, Australia

August 22 THE LIQUID CASKET / WILDERNESS OF MIRRORS screens in the New Works Salon XXVlll at the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles

Watch the recent16mm film: DISPORTING WITH A SHADOW a new collaboration with Alex Cobb and COME ON with Ilyas Ahmed and LOVE AFTER LOVE a collaboration with Jefre Cantu-Ledesma , Lawrence English's THE LIQUID CASKET/WILDERNESS OF MIRRORS, Arp's PULSARS E QUASARS and MADE OF AIR with Grouper

16mm prints of LIGHT YEAR (2014) a collaboration with Tashi Wada and commission for the San Francisco Exploratorium are now available along with SPHINX ON THE SEINE(2009), UNION (2010) and CHORUS (2009-2011) and ANOTHER VOID (2012) from Canyon Cinema in San Francisco and Light Cone in Paris.

LAND AND SEA has released REEL, a collection of drawings for film projectionists, surveying over a decade of film screenings at the San Francisco Musem of Modern Art.The book can be ordered here

Judy Bloch has written an article about the REEL book for SFMOMA's OPEN SPACE blog

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